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Reputation is one of intangible assets which secures company stability and business capitalization. Reputation management is a crucial point of any company’s success.There is a constant need in complex approach towards development of intangible assets. Thus, it is the main reason for all business players to seek for a professional help.We solve any problems related to lack of target audiences’ support, corporate conflicts or competition pressure.

Development and Creation of Corporate Communications Strategy

Our services:

  • Definition of corporate mission
  • Specification of corporate vision
  • Definition of internal and external target audiences
  • Creation and development of positioning strategy
  • Creation and development of reputation management programs
  • Support of media relations, communication with market experts and analysts.
Public Affairs and GR

2PR Agency connects entrepreneurs and government officials, when it is needed to achieve common goals of your clients and Russian government.

To obtain public support of your business we build strong communications with state officials, non-profit public organizations and mass media.

Financial Communications

2PR Agency offers assistance in development and realization of communications strategy within company restructuring process: mergers and acquisitions, initial and secondary public offering and other ways of investment attraction. Target groups for such companies usually include banks, private investors, rating agencies and stock markets.

We work with companies and their target groups, creating efficient communications and forming corporate reputation at international markets.

Our services:

  • Analysis of company perception by investors
  • Organization of investors and analysts meetings
  • Road show presentations
Crisis & Issues Communications

Our crisis PR experts work to define potential risks and define effectiveness of crisis communications that your company already is using. We know how to deal with negative-minded media and prevent any harm from potentially dangerous issues.

2PR Agency consults companies that are going through corporate conflicts, stakeholders arguments, ecological and technological disasters.

Our services:

  • Anti-crisis program development
  • Media relations
  • Relations with government officials
  • Internal PR
  • Relations with non-profit public organizations and opinion-makers
  • Organization of special events
Internal Communications

Internal communications are important for personnel motivation and their involvement in building of corporate brand.

It is company employees who are responsible for corporate mission realization. All your investments in advertising and promotion would be in vain if your staff doesn’t believe in corporate values. This is why forming of corporate culture should be of top-management’s concern.

Our services:

  • Creation and support of corporate press
  • Creation and support of intranet services
  • Development and implement of corporate codes
  • Implement of special programs aimed at corporate standards application
  • Organization of corporate parties and special events
  • Assistance in holding of corporate contests
  • Corporate culture assessment
Social Communications

Number of socially responsible investors is constantly increasing. Nowadays, not only financial reports are supposed to be transparent, but also the company itself should take social obligations. Social responsibility could be considered one of investment attraction tools.

2PR Agency develops programs of social responsibility and supports them. We help you with charity programs, community service and other events that form positive image of your business.

Social communications are at core of our clients’ business., unveiling their true moral guidelines.

Our services:

  • Development and support of charity programs
  • Creation and implement of social responsibility programs
  • Corporate support of socially significant projects and events
  • Assistance of social reports corresponding with international standards

Modern consumers tend to become more and more tempted, elusive and hard to reach.

2PR Agency creates and produces marketing strategy at each turning point of your business development: launch of a new product or service, sales growth or retention of the market in harsh competitive conditions.

When we do marketing for you, we think of correct product/company placement, bright and memorable images and effective promotion costs.

Media Relations

Mass media is the most important tool of corporate reputation management. Being the most powerful channel of public opinion, media relations could change the perception of a company, a specific person or an event. The larger your company is, the more frequent is your interaction with mass media.

2PR Agency has gained broad experience of interaction with federal and regional mass media – either television, radio or press. We keep in touch with all kinds of specialized media. Our experts are aware of each media specification and offer you those which are crucial for your target groups.

Our services:

  • Press pool management
  • Creation and distribution of press-releases
  • Creation of news stories for press, radio and television
  • Initiation of news stories and media comments
  • Development of press-kits
  • Organization and support of press conferences, press-tours and other media events
  • Organization and support of your press-services or press center
  • Press office for rent
Marketing Research & Consulting

Your goal is sales growth, and ours is to suggest you the best strategy for it. In order to do so we need to get a hold of all information at the market. It might include distribution market research, evaluation of your current market position or development of efficient promotion campaigns.

Another piece of the marketing pie is development of your marketing strategy. We are particularly sure that company’s strategy is to be defined by stackholders and top managers. However, your path could never be detailed without contemporary theory and latest marketing instruments. This is when you will need us.

Media Monitoring & Analysis

Media monitoring is mandatory for efficient media relations.2PR Agency offers daily or weekly monitoring of regional and federal mass media.

Our services:

  • Links to publications in the Internet
  • Full version of news stories
  • Text versions and recordings of television news stories
  • Intellectual catalogue of publications depending on story topics and media types

Agency provides you with the following results of media monitoring:

  • Periodical analytics reports
  • General recommendations for media relations
  • Thematic reports

The world of communications has long gone digital. Whatever is said or done online could contribute to company's reputation and corporate brand, or, on contrary, ruin it just within seconds. Successful companies adopt the latest trends in advertising to meet the needs of contemporary clients.

We know everything about hi-tech advertising and online media.

Development & Support of Web Projects

2PR Agency applies all methods in use for website creation and promotion. We develop and regularly update contents, additional services and platforms. We are keen at social media activities, RSS and search engine optimization. Technical support of your web project is also our business.

Complex Promotion of Web Projects

Regardless of your business specialization we can promote your project using fresh ideas of viral marketing or all kinds of PR and advertising campaigns online, such as contests, competitions and promo campaigns. Like-marketing , web 2.0 and effective social response are the three bases of our online strategy.

Integrated Monitoring of Internet References

Our services:

  • Corporate blogging and social media management
  • Coordination of online media
  • Online conferences

We organize special events which could attract public attention towards the activity of your company. Starting with the concept of your event and finishing with media reaction and catering services, we provide you with all necessary stages of your events.

2PR Agency is broadly experienced in organization and management of all types of events – either large ones with federal authorities involved or closed ones for very important persons. At first stage we write a plan of the event. Then we find a spot that would astonish you and your guests and provide you with all technical support and entertainment. We are also responsible for positive media coverage of your event and for invitation of representatives of your target audiences, state officials, potential partners of your business and provide your guests with branded gifts.

Brands, companies and ideas come to life. With our help.

Print & Pre-Press Design


Video and Multimedia Production


Event Management


Corporate Identity


Development of Advertising Concepts

Advertising concept is a base of any promotion strategy. How to make your advertising campaign efficient? What is your target audience? What do you do to make people like what you sell? All these questions need to be answered during development of your advertising concept.

2PR has acquired all necessary skills to attract your consumers’ attention and to create a stable demand for your brand.

When developing your advertising concept, we form competitive advantages of your goods and define its niche at the market. Then we create a legend for the product, its motto and start working on advertising campaign – product placement and promotion within different consumer groups.

Maintenance of Advertising Campaigns

2PR Agency is at great demand when an advertising campaign deals with large coverage and various advertising media.

We provide you with broad information support at all stages of your advertising campaign, whether it is ad campaign planning or diligence of permits for advertising media you need and of your advertising models. We control quality of your advertising placement all the way through the campaign.

It is our business to make your business successful with our advertising campaign. That is why we constantly monitor the market to be aware of all the news and change the course your campaign, if needed.

Making Global Campaigns Go Local

Russian market has been rather attractive for international investors over past decades. There is a constant growth of new global brands and start-up projects ready to be launched in Russia every year. What you need to promote a new project is localization: spread the word about your brand in our native language!

Cross-cultural adaptation of international brands always deals with additional expenses. It delays product launch, reduces value and efficiency of global products.

2PR Agency has adopted the most contemporary technologies of creating local legends of global brands. We have large experience of adaptation of advertising campaigns aimed at promotion of goods and services at the Russian market.

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of Web Projects

We provide full content management, creation and promotion of information projects, social media marketing, corporate blogging and search engine optimization.


Agency specialists are experts in development and support of charity and social responsibility programs. Reports corresponding with international standards are also provided.

Media Monitoring
and Analysis

We offer daily and weekly analysis of regional and federal mass media, providing more than 5 000 sources, text versions and recordings of TV programs, intellectual catalogue of publications.